by Nick Gromicko

Some lawyers believe that they are so good at what they do that their reputation should be all that is needed to keep a steady stream of clients coming into their law offices. This thinking can be true in many industries, but not the legal profession. Yes, it is an advantage to have a long, strong history and a good reputation… but it’s less of an advantage for law firms than other businesses.

The reason has to do with the fact that so many of your clients are new – new to using you. Hiring an attorney is a rare event for most people.

Now compare this to, let’s say, a pizza shop. According to Technomic’s 2018 Pizza Trend Report, 43% of Americans eat pizza at least once a week. The reputation a pizza shop has for producing a quality, tasty product is much more important as most customers are repeat customers. They are already familiar with the product they are buying. All the pizza shop has to do is maintain their good reputation and their customers will keep returning.

With law firm customers, that just isn’t true. Which is why you have to tell them about your product – the legal service you offer and why it’s good. In other words, you have to market.

Here’s an efficient way: Start now.